Our New Schoolroom

We are preparing to begin our 11th year of homeschooling and oh what fun we have been having lately! We moved to Missouri this past February and as we began to settle in our rental house, our daily homeschool routine took place through several main areas of our home: my office, the family room, and at the dining table. We had bookcases scattered throughout the house (we are a family of bookworms!) and so our learning (and clutter) would frequently be spread out through the house each day.

Just recently our nephew Malachi moved back to KY with his family mid-July and at first we were not certain what we would do with the empty bedroom. We finally decided to transform the empty bedroom into a schoolroom.

Before: The empty room with a few toys.

Before: This is one corner of the empty room.

After: This is our new schoolroom!

Briyah has a reading center.
The basket on the bookcase is a science basket.

Currently it has a rock and a leaf on display.
We obviously should take a nature walk soon.

She loves to read in my rocking chair
which belonged to my mother, grandmother,
and great grandmother.

Part of our homeschool collection.

We store supplies in old Mason jars.

Briyah's desk which was her father's when he was in school.

Briyah's name blocks on her desk.

This is my version of the Workbox system.
Briyah will have 12 workboxes for each day's activities.
I need to find 6 more matching baskets.

The best thing about our new schoolroom is that we did not buy anything new. I simply repurposed things that I had in other areas of our home. I am a big fan of repurposing. The two metal wire baskets on top of the workbox shelves are from old deep freezers. They are great for holding books. These baskets are used to hold youth library books. I have a separate bookcase in my office where we keep nonfiction books, cookbooks, and other reference materials. My blue mason jars were found in an old barn where we once lived. I cleaned them up and they are great for holding small supplies. The large jars are just the right size for our colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pens, writing pencils, and paintbrushes.

This is our first year to use Sue Patrick's Workbox system and I am pretty excited about using this system with our current curriculum. I am only going to use the Workbox system with Briyah on the elementary level. Shaiya will continue her high school studies without using this system. We are in the process of setting up learning centers within our home to be utilized during the school day. So far we have these:
  • School Room - Reading Center, Science Center, History Center, Study Area
  • My Office - Music Center, Computer Center
  • Family Room - Board Game Center, Art Center
  • Kitchen - Home Economics Center

    Shaiya has an old antique desk in her room with her bookshelves which I do not have pictured yet.

    So this is a brief overview of our new schoolroom and learning centers that we will have this coming year. We are looking forward to another fun year of learning!

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Malia said…
That looks lovely! What a joy that will be to start off with such a nice system!
Thanks for visiting my site. Your classroom looks great! I especially like your mason jar containers and the freezer baskets. Recyling is awesome.
Michelle said…
What a great room!! And everything recycled, that's great!! I love the rocking chair that's been around for generations and the desk your husband used. How wonderful to be able to incorporate them in your room!
Have a blessed school year!
Julie said…
i love repurposing!!! it looks good! we are using the workboxes also this year!!
Nicole said…
That is so awesome about the rocking chair and desk! Great job!
I love how you used the mason jars!!! Not as in love, but LOVE. I think I'm totally going to swipe your good idea.
LaughingLioness said…
Great job repurposing things- what a cozy place. I, too, think the mason jar idea is worthy of repeat! Love your creativity!!
Jesse, said…
It was so nice to meet you this week! What a small world. Your school room looks great! Hope to catch up with you in town again sometime!