Interactive SMART Notebook technology for home education!

Have you incorporated interactive SMART Notebook technology in your homeschool yet?

It is real easy to do! If you are not familiar with SMART Board technology just check out this wiki for an overview.

First, you can download the free SMART viewer at this link.

The above link is for Microsoft Windows. Once you have downloaded this free viewer, you can now utilize the many great online resources that exist for SMART Notebook technology.

Smart Board Templates
-This resource is a comprehensive listing of SMART templates for K-12 you can use to turn your computer into a interactive notebook.

Promethean Planet
-This resource is the largest interactive whiteboard community created by teachers for teachers. You will find tons of free downloads on every subject imaginable.

SMART Notebook technology is beneficial for students of all ages and learning styles. This engaging and interactive technology is also a great resource for differentiated learning.

-Accelerated/Gifted Learners

-Struggling Learners