Review: Obstacles Welcome - turn adversity to advantage in business and life

Title: Obstacles Welcome - turn adversity to advantage in business and life
Author: Ralph de la Vega
List Price: $24.99
Format: hardcover book
Publisher website: Thomas Nelson

"I believe the American dream is still alive and that education and entrepreneurship together are its key enablers. Through the years I have observed the power of this combination when the two forces work in tandem. Together they lead to personal success, business success, and societal success." - Ralph de la Vega

     Obstacles Welcome, by Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, is an insightful book that contains valuable advice on handling adversity. The book contains interesting autobiographical information, leadership wisdom, and practical advice in business for turning obstacles into opportunities.

     When Ralph de la Vega was 10 years old, he emigrated from Cuba to the United States, while his family remained behind for several years waiting to emigrate. This book describes the journey and hardships de la Vega faced from childhood through adulthood and how he overcame obstacles in life and also in his career. His story is an inspiring success memoir of how hard work, sacrifice, and faith in God will lead to long-term success and achievement of goals.

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