"Not" Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I feel like I should begin this blog post with a “do not try this at home” type disclaimer as I post our curriculum plans for the 2011-2012 school term.  Our 9 year old reads textbooks for fun and she loves to study which leads us to select a heavier academic load to keep her challenged.  Our family's primary learning method and style is classical education and this year our daughter is working on firming up her knowledge base at the Grammar level.

We will start phasing in some of our new curriculum on August 22nd and our Classical Conversations community will begin meeting once-weekly on September 6th.
  Here is a run down of our curriculum plans thus far for the upcoming school term. 

Homeschool Inspiration:
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (check out the free Summer 2011 issue!)
Teacher’s Toolbox
Classical Conversations

The Schoolhouse Planner

Classical Conversations Foundations program:
Foundations Curriculum Guide
Veritas Press History Timeline Series
Classical Acts and Facts Science Cards – Anatomy, Chemistry, and Origins
Words Aptly Spoken: American Documents

Classical Conversations Essentials program:
Essentials of the English Language
IEW US History-Based Writing Volume 1
IEW Teaching Writing: Structure and Style
Our Mother Tongue


God's Great Covenant, NT 1
(Classical Academic Press)


Classical Conversations Memory Work
Saxon 65

Classical Conversations Memory Work
Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

Classical Conversations Memory Work
Latin for Children, A (Classical Academic Press)
Headventure Land

History, Geography, Literature: (Explorers to 1850)
Classical Conversations Memory Work
All-American History Volume 1 (Bright Ideas Press)
Story of the World, Volume 3 (Peace Hill Press)
Blackline Maps of World History (Knowledge Quest)
Wondermaps (Bright Ideas Press)
History Through the Ages Timeline Figures (Homeschool in the Woods)

Some of the books we will read this year:
Core D Readers list (Sonlight)

Fine Arts:
Classical Conversations Artist and Composer Studies
Children's Choir

American Heritage Girls
Upwards Basketball (I am searching for one in the Anderson area)
PE at Anderson University
Science at Anderson University

Well friends, we have a pretty ambitious year planned for our studies and we are looking forward to diving into all of our new curriculum.

I look forward to stopping by your blogs and seeing your curriculum plans!

Happy Homeschooling~