Zane Education Gold Membership Review

Do you enjoy using videos in your current homeschooling studies?

Briyah and I recently reviewed a Gold Membership of Zane Education for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. We enjoyed reviewing this resource and look forward to incorporating these fun educational videos as supplements for our core studies.

The Gold Membership includes:
  • Access to ALL of Zane's 1,000+ subtitled curriculum videos for K-12
  • Access to the non-subtitled curriculum Math videos for K-12
  • Access to Free Lesson Plans for all 260+ curriculum Topics for K-12
  • Access to online Video Study Tools
  • Access to all 260 online interactive curriculum quizzes for K12
  • Free downloadable copy of Zane's Learning Video Catalogue
  • Free downloadable copy of Zane's Christian Home Learning Guide
  • Access to all of the K12 educational resources in the Study Center section including the World Factbook, World Leaders Guide, Historical documents and much more.
  • 24-Hour Tech Support 
The comprehensive listing of videos cover all academic subjects.

The Gold Membership includes handy guides at no additional cost. For example, The Christian Homeschool User Guide includes a helpful listing of titles for videos. We are covering Ancient History in our studies this school term and I am able to plan ahead for videos that we will incorporate in our studies.

Here is a small sample of videos that I could choose from for our Ancient History studies:
The World in Greek Times The Birth of Philosophy
Empires in Greek Times
Greek Culture and Government
The Literature of Politics
Political Philosophy in Greek Times
The World in Roman Times Empires in Roman Times
Rise of the Roman Empire
Literature in Roman Times
Imperial Rome
The Rise of Christianity 

Zane Education includes over 1500 videos spanning 400 topics, so I can be sure that I will find videos that will correspond with our core studies. Briyah and I reviewed the online quizzes to correspond with a few videos, and the interactive nature made it a fun experience. Briyah is ten years old and working at the elementary level. Online quizzes are something that she enjoys doing. We are classical educators and Briyah can use fun quizzes as she works at the grammar level of gaining new facts and information. If your student enjoys visual learning through videos and also taking interactive online quizzes, they would enjoy using the Zane Education resources.

I do have a caveat to offer. Evolutionary content is included in the science videos. Additionally, I did not review all videos but I did see that other videos such as sex education and adolescent topics are available. As with all programs, you will want to review the material offered to determine if it contains content that you would not find suitable.

One of the largest benefits of Zane Education is that they offer videos with subtitles which they regard as The Missing Piece ©. Parents of exceptional students, struggling learners, and early readers will find the subtitles valuable to the learning experience. The visual content paired with the visual text can aid in the literacy development for early readers and struggling learners. Exceptional students that are hearing impaired can enjoy the visual content while understanding the instruction that is paired in a textual format.

The Zane Education website is very easy to navigate and is organized logically. I found it to be helpful to have all of the core subject categories on the sidebar with corresponding videos. I also appreciated having videos organized according to Elementary, Middle, High School, and College as you will see in the screenshot below.

I enjoyed reviewing the Gold Membership which included full access. The Gold membership is priced at $17.99 monthly or $197.89 per year. You can also choose from other levels of membership of varying monthly and yearly costs. Zane also offers a basic free membership which includes demo videos and quizzes to give you an opportunity to experience this resource.

For Schoolhouse Review Crew readers, Zane Education is offering a 35% discount on the purchase of any 12-month Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership subscription through the end of August 31, 2012 using the promotion code ZE495HSM.

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Happy Homeschooling!

DISCLAIMER: Any products reviewed by me as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product.