{Review} Romans 1-7 For You by Timothy Keller

Romans is, at its heart, a letter about the gospel. It is written by a man whose life and work revolved around the gospel, showing the difference brought and worked by the gospel. Unsurprisingly, the beginning of the letter is all about the gospel. -Timothy Keller, Romans 1-7 For You 
Romans 1-7 For You
by Timothy Keller is another great release in a set of God's Word For You bible guides designed to meet the study needs of readers from new believers to seasoned Christians. This resource features three main purposes for use, as presented by The Good Book Company:

  • Read: As a guide to this wonderful letter, helping you treasure and live out the freedom of the gospel.
  • Feed: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of God's word.
  • Lead: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Galatians as you preach or lead a Bible study. 


Romans 1-7 For You is a helpful expository guide that walks through chapters 1-7 of the book of Romans. It is not a comprehensive commentary, but it covers a great deal of ground in a condensed work. This book is suitable for readers of all backgrounds from pastors to laymen.  

Romans 1-7 For You covers the first seven chapters of Romans in twelve succinct chapters.

  • Introduction to to Romans 1–7
  • 1. Introducing the Gospel 1:1-17
  • 2. The Pagans Need the Gospel 1:18 - 32
  • 3. The Religious Need the Gospel (Part One) 2:1-16
  • 4. The Religious Need the Gospel (Part Two) 2:17-29
  • 5. Everyone Needs the Gospel 3:1-20
  • 6. A Diamond on a Black Cloth 3:21-31
  • 7. When Justification Started 4:1-25
  • 8. What Justification Brings 5:1-11
  • 9. Why Justification Comes 5:12-21
  • 10. United to Christ 6:1-14
  • 11. Slaves of God 6:15 – 7:6
  • 12. Warfare with Sin 7:7-25

Romans 1-7 For You takes a chronological journey through the first seven chapters of Romans. Each section of the guide is followed with thoughtful questions for reflection. The questions provide an engaging aspect for interacting with the book. They can be used for personal reflection and journaling during a devotional time. The questions can also be used in a small group or Bible study discussion period. The questions for reflection offer opportunities for practical life application.

My first introduction to this series came through my review of Galatians For You. I appreciated the condensed, yet meaty aspects of this expository series. Romans 1-7 For You is laid out in the same logical format and it is an easy read. However, the thoughtful life-application questions delve into spiritual issues of the heart and allow for the transforming work of God's Spirit. Though it may be an easy read, the introspective nature of the questions for reflection may cause you to pause and consider your own faith journey. Keller writes on the power of the gospel with such clarity and precision.  

I will be completely transparent with you about my experiences reading anything from Keller. Typically, I begin one of his books feeling that I am in a healthy place spiritually. A chapter or so in one his books and I find myself repenting for sin issues in my own life that I need to overcome through God's spirit. My experience with Romans 1-7 For You is no different. Included in the appendix of the book is a section on Identifying the Idols of the Heart. It is powerful. Heart-rending. Life-changing.

Romans 1-7 For You is a wonderful resource that is suitable for diverse settings. You can use this study guide for:

  • personal study and devotion
  • expository teaching
  • small group setting
  • Bible studies
  • religious education classes

Timothy Keller is a favorite author of our family! Current titles in this series includes:

  • Romans 1-7 For You
  • Galatians For You
  • Judges For You

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About the Author:
Timothy Keller was educated at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Westminster Theological Seminary, and is Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and The Meaning of Marriage.

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