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Dianne Craft is giving an excellent webinar at HSB FREE Classes today. It will also be available free on demand in just a couple of days!

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HSB FREE Class:Kids and Teenagers with Focus/Attention Issues – What’s up? How to really help!

Presenter: Dianne Craft, Child Diagnostics
Jan. 18th – 1 PM EST / 12 PM CST / 11 AM MST / 10 AM PST

Do you have a child who has to work too hard to stay focused on a task?

Does his pencil become paralyzed when you leave the room for a few minutes?

Does he seem lazy and unmotivated?

Are you at your wits end about how to help this child…”He’s so smart, but it takes him FOREVER to complete his work!” Johnny is a constant motion machine. Tom cries in frustration over minor matters. Susie forgets what she has just learned.

These behaviors leave you drained and with little to show for your efforts . You’ve tried all the focusing “tricks”, from the books you’ve read, but still find that you have to use so much of your teaching day just getting the required work out of this child or teenager.

This workshop will give you a totally different approach to children and teenagers with attention/focus issues. Find out how to identify the cause of the behavior and target your strategies. Begin to detect the physical clues that your child is presenting and explore the physical causes of attention / behavior issues. Is it really a character issue, or could something else be going on? Let Dianne, a certified nutritionist, help you explore simple ways to help your child at home. Many parents report great success using this approach with their teenagers.