Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days

Today's Reading:
Genesis 1:1- Genesis 16:16

Today I began a new challenge for the new year with my family. We are going to work on reading through the Bible in 90 days. I signed up at Mom's Toolbox to be part of a group reading through the Bible. If you have not already done so, check out the helpful resources available to take part in this challenge.

I am pretty excited to take part in this challenge and I pray that reading through the Bible in 90 days will plant seeds for spiritual growth in my life and in my family during 2011. My husband, children, and sister are joining along with me on this challenge. This will be the first time that we have worked on reading through the entire Bible together in a 90 day period.

I plan to sporadically blog about some of my insights and experiences while working through this challenge. I realized today as I began the challenge that my "new" study Bible that I have used for a few years looks as though it is pristine condition. It also does not contain very many handwritten study notes within the margins either. My previous study Bible from eight years ago is falling apart at the seams. The leather is torn and worn. The pages are wrinkled. Almost every single page has handwritten notes. I had to get a new study Bible since my beloved one fell apart. However, my new study Bible really has not faced the wear and tear that comes from frequent study and use. I could use the excuse that I rely on my Bible Works computer program, which I do use on a weekly basis, but the simple truth is that I need to spend more time on a daily basis in my study Bible.

May the Lord bless your studies in the Word!

Happy New Year friends!