Potty Training for the iGeneration - Pull-Ups iGo Potty app

Pull-Ups iGo Potty app is a handy free tool for the iGeneration. One of the keys for successful potty training is keeping a consistent schedule. The iGo Potty app features an alarm (which you set according to your schedule) that cheerfully rings "It's time to use the potty" as a reminder for your child to go potty. This very simple feature works as it provides a helpful motivational reminder.

Malachi enjoys the Pull-Ups iGo Potty app!
The app is very interactive and engaging with cute rewards such as virtual stickers, games, and music after each level of success.

Pull-ups iGo Potty app makes potty training easy!
Our nephew Malachi loved each new reward he received and this app brought more success with potty training than any other method we have tried.

Malachi gets to play a game after several levels of success!
Once your child reaches success in potty training, the app creates a cute diploma.

You can find complete details on the Pull-Ups iGo Potty app.