3 Day Practicum, Homeschool Book Fair, & Student Camps

Anderson/Muncie/Noblesville/Ft. Wayne friends~

You're invited to our 3 Day Practicum, Homeschool Book Fair, and Student Camps that will begin this coming Monday. The event is free for parents to attend and the student camps are available for a very low cost.
Dates: July 30, 31, & August 1
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: First Presbyterian Church in Anderson
Visit for map: http://www.1stpresanderson.org/contactus.htm

Each day we will have a Book Fair featuring a wide variety of classical education resources. You do not have to be registered in the Classical Conversations Anderson community to enjoy this free Practicum event. This event is open to all homeschooling families and anyone interested in learning more about classical education.

We will have a variety of breakout topics in our daily sessions:
*Classical Education and Latin Studies
* CC 101 - How do I do this at home?
* Books, books and books - What do I need, planning for Fall.
* A day in the life of a Foundations family- How to prepare for your first day.
* A day in the life of an Essentials family - How to prepare for your first day.
* A day in the life of a Challenge family - How to prepare for your first day.
* Scheduling 101 - How to create a daily child schedule and scheduling 6 weeks out.
* IEW - What is this writing program all about and how can I use this at home.
* Informational meeting - I am new to all this, help me!
*Teaching the Classics - exploring classic literature.

Please register at this link to confirm your attendance and assist us with our preparations. We look forward to having you join us!

For more information about our Classical Conversations Anderson community, please visit our website or contact us on our Facebook page.

Be sure to check out this video on the 2012 Practicum!

Many blessings!