Map Trek by Knowledge Quest Review

Our family loves to immerse ourselves in the study of history and geography. If we had our dream home decor, our walls would be covered from floor to ceiling with historical maps. We have books of maps everywhere in our home and we collect maps. For many years, we had a world map under a clear plastic cover on our dining table. The only reason that we do not have a map on our dining table now is that I am in process of recreating a Pinterest project. I plan to Modge Podge a historical map permanently on our table.

One company that has truly blessed our studies in history and geography is Knowledge Quest, and their resources have been a staple in our home, throughout our homeschooling journey. We have acquired and used Knowledge Quest resources as a primary support in our chronological studies in history for many years.

Over this summer, we have been delighted to review the Map Trek by Knowledge Quest. After using this resource for some fun summer studies, we have discovered that this e-Book set will support our chronological history and geography studies throughout middle school and high school. This is a very impressive resource!

Map Trek
is available in the following sets:

~Ancient World

 The Map Trek set of 6 e-Books includes:
~276 Full-color teacher answer maps.
~270 Blank outline maps for the student.
~Complete instructions for use
~15 Grid Maps
~10 Blank Grids
~Lesson Plans
~Glossary of terms
~3 Bonus Map Sets
~650 total pages

This is one amazing resource! One of my favorite features of the Map Trek is that this resource can be used with any history and geography curriculum that you select for your homeschool. Map Trek includes such comprehensive maps with lesson plans that you can use this resource as a stand- alone geography curriculum. However, if you are currently homeschooling with other chronological history curriculum, you will find that Map Trek will be a perfect complement to support your studies.

Here is a listing of a few of the history programs that can be supported through Map Trek:
~TruthQuest History
~Story of the World
~Biblioplan for Families
~Tapestry of Grace
~Sonlight Curriculum
~Mystery of History
~My Father’s World
~Learning Adventures
~Living Books Curriculum
~Ambleside Online
~Winter Promise

You can download handy curriculum integration guides to correspond with your favorite history curriculum:

Another beneficial aspect of this resource is that it can be used from elementary to high school studies and can be used in multi-level teaching. If you have five children, you only need to have one resource as it is not consumable and you can print out the number of maps that you need.

I specifically reviewed the e-Book version of Map Trek, and I appreciate having the files stored on my computer so that I can print as needed during our studies. If you would like to add this resource to your library, I would recommend purchasing the hardcover set (which my friend Carol said is an amazing book!) which also includes the CD for easy printing. I enjoy having the hardcover book on my shelf to plan our studies and then I print the files on the computer. This resource is affordably priced at $55 considering the years of usage you will receive from this resource. Map Trek is also available to buy individually for $14.95 each or as a CD set (World and US) without the hardcover book for $49.95. 

I have used the Blackline Maps of World History resource for many years in our homeschooling, which was the precursor to this expanded Map Trek set. I must say that this new updated and expanded Map Trek has really impressed us quite a bit. We are looking forward to diving into our studies in Ancient History and US History this year!

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Happy Homeschooling!

DISCLAIMER: Any products reviewed by me as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product.