{Review} IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

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Authors: Producers, Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez; Editor, Charles LaVerdiere
Format: Paperback book (383 pages)
Publisher: Master Books, a Division of New Leaf Publishing Group
Website: IndoctriNation

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The companion book to the award-winning documentary “IndoctrinNation”, this eye-opening book includes:
  • An unforgettable introduction by a father who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre — “I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God.”
  • 12 common reasons people give not to homeschool — and the manageable reality of this educational alternative
  • Revealing, firsthand accounts of Christian educators working in public schools — sharing the struggles they face in a hostile system
  • The classroom anti-Christian ideologies from humanism, marxism, utopianism, educational psychology, and more confronting students in public schools today
Look behind the comfortable myths of an educational system actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Learn the history and philosophy of public school education — and discover it is based on neither Christian nor American values. Explore the biblical principles regarding education — and who is ultimately responsible for our children’s future.

Recently, I reviewed a provocative new book by Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group: IndoctriNation - Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity, edited by Charles LaVerdiere. The documentary IndoctriNation DVD, which this book is based upon, by Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez, is a compelling call to homeschooling. The IndoctriNation book features persuasive testimonies and essays from contributors such as R.C. Sproul, Jr., Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Voddie Baucham, Jr., E. Ray Moore, Jr., Kevin Swanson, Israel Wayne, John Taylor Gatto, Samuel Blumenfeld, Erwin Lutzer, and more.

The editor/authors/producers are succinct in the purpose of IndoctriNation:

"In presenting this book as an accompaniment to our film, one of our objectives is to equip the homeschooling public with the ammunition necessary to effectively defend our educational choices and attack our adversaries' choices."
-Colin Gunn, Writer/Producer/Director of IndoctriNation

"As Christian homeschooling parents, we wanted our film to share our objections to the public schools' methodology and subject matter, and also to convey our clear desire that Christian parents remove their children from these schools for the sake of Christ's Kingdom."
-Joaquin Fernandez, Producer/Director of IndoctriNation

"Dear parent: This book is meant to persuade you to remove your children from public schools."
-Chuck LaVerdiere, Editor of IndoctriNation

If you are a homeschooling family, or participate in a Christian school setting, you will find the information presented within this book as a strong support of educational and religious freedom. The shocking statistics, experiences, and testimonies shared by various authors are staggering. IndoctriNation reports that 90% of Christian parents send their children to public schools and that 88% of Christian children deny their faith by graduation day. Regrettably, our post-Christian American culture reflects a growing hostility towards Christians that uphold a biblical worldview.

If you are not currently a homeschooling family, or do not participate in a Christian school setting, you may possibly be shocked and/or offended by the frank information shared within the book. The contributing authors are passionate in their views that secular education institutions have eroded Christian faith in America, and that Christians need to remove their children from the public school system. The essays are compelling to read and cover a plethora of controversial topics that strike up heated debates in today's society.

Regardless, whether your family chooses homeschooling or public school, all Christian parents should read and consider the information presented by IndoctriNation. Christian parents, who have students attending public schools, will want to be warned by the alarming facts and statistics and will want to remain diligent as a concerned parent in their local public school.

A core issue raised by IndoctriNation involves the necessity of family discipleship, which results in a continuation of faith through the generations.

Voddie Baucham, Jr. shared in his essay: "Ninety percent of Christians allow our government to educate their children. Recent studies have shown that a staggering 70 to 88 percent of the children of evangelicals are leaving the Church by the end of their freshman year in college. The correlation is clear: If we continue to send our children to Caesar for their education, we need to stop being surprised when they come home as Romans."

Baucham pointed out another important factor which limits discipleship of Christian children: "From K-12, children spend 14,000 seat hours in school - 14,000 seat hours! The average Christian family spends less than 30 minutes per week discussing spiritual matters."

Schools and peers have more hours of influence over Christian students (who are enrolled in public schools) than the family and church combined.

I appreciated the opportunity of reviewing IndoctriNation, and it has given our family plenty to discuss with one another. This fall marks our family's fourteenth year of homeschooling. We value the freedom that we have in America, and within the state of Indiana, to choose the best educational option for our children. Homeschooling, in our family culture, is a great privilege and blessing. Our children have flourished with the individualized educational options that we have available to us as private educators. Additionally, as concerned Christians, homeschooling has allowed us to provide our children with a faith-based learning community in our home, and with our extended community of learners that meet weekly for group classes.

However, even though we are staunch advocates of homeschooling, we ultimately support the freedom of educational choice for parents and families, to select the educational option which best suits the needs of their own family. Our primary emphasis, within our family, is on the importance of Christian education, in the home, church, and private Christian co-ops and schools.

At the same time, my personal opinion is that we cannot abandon the public school system, even when we choose to remove our children from secular education and provide Christian education options. I personally believe that Christian education, through homeschooling and private Christian schools, are the superior options for Christians. However, I do recognize that not every family has the opportunity to homeschool or enroll their students in a private Christian school.

Many of our extended family members are enrolled in the public school system. We have Christian friends whose students are enrolled in public school. We have Christian friends and acquaintances that teach in public schools. We live in a community (50,000 to 60,000 people) that has greatly struggled since the auto industry left and the factories closed down. If public schools in our community did not exist, I shudder at the thought of what the result would be for this community, and for the future of the city in which we live.

We appreciate our Pastor at our local church who frequently calls our congregation to "Do Something!" and get involved in blessing our local community. If the community is suffering, the church collectively needs to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Our local community is filled with many broken families and broken people, and they need the benefits of education that are provided at the local public schools. Until the American church as a whole, is ready to build church schools that are tuition-free, to take care of the educational needs of all of the economically challenged families - there exists a need for public education.

Overall, if you are a Christian and concerned about the state of education in America, I would recommend that you read this book and watch the DVD.

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