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I will admit. Every person in my family is a complete word nerd.

We were over the moon to receive Typecrush to review for Mosaic Reviews. Typecrush is unique and challenging word game made of handcrafted, letterpressed, cardboard circle tiles.

Beautiful typography, geeky word challenges, and artsy craftsmanship are right up our alley! We found all of these qualities united within the new Typecrush game.

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Typecrush is a fun, entertaining, and educational game. It is quite unique from other word games!

The game-play is a simple format:

1. You select your choice number of letter tiles to spell a word.
2. You flip the circles over to hide your word from other players.
3. Players use the color-coded Letter Frequency Chart to solve the hidden word.
4. Whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word.

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There are many unique features about this game which adds to the challenge. For younger students, you can play with simple word choices. For older students and adults, you can really pull out difficult word choices for an even greater challenge.

The focus on the game is not on collecting points so it fosters a collaborative and friendly atmosphere. You can choose to allow hints to assist other players. Additionally, you can make this game as simple or as difficult as you wish. This is a helpful feature for families with students of various ages.

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Our family loved that we could choose themes to change up the game play. You can make up any theme and create words that are correlated. For example, you may choose to spell words from many different categories such as:
  • Animals
  • Historical Figures
  • Presidents
  • Flowers
  • Spelling Words
  • and whatever else you dream up!
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What we enjoyed about Typecrush:
  • Lovely handcrafted letter tiles
  • Beautiful typography
  • Pleasant and bright colors
  • Durable cardstock pieces
  • Metal storage tin
  • Simplicity of design
  • Unique challenge different than most word games
  • Diverse game play (make your own combinations of word themes)
  • Can be used with diverse ages
  • Add creative new game rules that you make up
  • 100% recycled materials
  • non-toxic ink

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What you need to know before purchasing:
  • The $25 retail cost reflects handcrafted quality
  • The letter tiles are very sturdy!
We were pretty impressed with the sturdy quality. One of the kids dropped a letter tile on the floor. Our Schoodle took off with it in her mouth and chewed it a minute before we realized what happened. Silly dog! The tile had a light impression of teeth, but it did not tear, the color did not run from the dog drool, and it held up quite well! The sturdiness factor of games is very important to our family and Typecrush was obviously designed with families in mind!

Our daughter put Typecrush to the test. She noticed the packaging said that you could spell virtually every word in the English language. She tried out "antidisestablishmentarianism" and she was just short one letter "i". I was pretty impressed that she had almost enough tiles to spell this challenging word. Great job, Typecrush!

So don't worry, you can probably spell out just about any word that you can think of in the English language. I am sure most people will not try to spell such lengthy words. Plus, "antidisestablishmentarianism" is not found in all English dictionaries.

Product Details:
Title: Typecrush
Format: Handcrafted, Letterpressed, Word Game Age Recommendations: 7 years to adult
Retail Price: $25

Publisher Description:

Typecrush™ is a word game based on letter frequency analysis—how frequently letters appear in the English language. It's kind of like a color-coded hangman, but way more entertaining and educational. Best for players age seven and older, Typecrush is as simple or challenging as your imagination decides.

There’s only one rule in Typecrush—whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word. That’s it. If you’d like more rules—you’re free to make up your own. Typecrush is about communication and connection more than keeping score, so feel free to give a hint or turn over a letter if a player asks. We recommend playing themes like US states, types of animals, celebrity names and more. The options are endless.

Typecrush is suitable for use in homeschool, traditional school, church settings, or wherever you might enjoy a fun word game.

We love Typecrush and we can't wait to introduce this to friends at family game nights that we host at our home. You can check out additional reviews from the Mosaic Reviews team.

Connect with Typecrush:

I received a complimentary copy of this product from Typecrush to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review for Mosaic Reviews. This author was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. All opinions shared about the product are the honest responses of Sharra Badgley. Your results and opinions may vary.


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