A Day in Our Homeschool Photos

In our family our entire home functions as a learning center. Each day we have a rotational flow throughout the house depending on the time of the day and study that is taking place.

We do have a school room where we store all of our books and materials. We converted a spare bedroom into a school room and it is helpful for us to have all of our books and resources contained in one area. Briyah has a desk but she seldom sits and works at her desk. Most mornings we work together on the main academics in the family room. The rest of the day she will rotate around the house working on studies or projects in the dining room, school room, or office where her computer station is located.

Working in the family room
Scrabble spelling
Briyah enjoying her study of Virginia
Briyah working on her state notebook
Our front office
School Room
Desk and Workboxes

Briyah likes reading with her bike helmet :)

Happy Homeschooling!