Learning Latin

This is our second week of our new school term and we are preparing to begin our study of languages for the year. Our plan is to study Latin and Spanish concurrently. We are going to study Latin as part of our Language Arts vocabulary studies and then Spanish will be our foreign language option.

For the elementary Spanish level, we use the free resources at The Head of the Class. This resource is actually geared to cover a broad range of subjects including Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish. I primarily use this resource for Spanish. The Head of the Class includes worksheets, colorful and informative curriculum guides, multimedia, and games from Preschool to 4th grade. It is such a comprehensive resource that I am surprised it is available at no cost!

For Latin, our initial plan was to use Latina Christiana by Memoria Press. It is an award-winning Latin program which has numerous positive reviews. This week we have changed our mind after being won over by another Latin curriculum. It is a blessing to have so many wonderful options to choose from!

We have decided to study Latin using Latin for Children by Classical Academic Press. The student book and teacher guide are engaging and user-friendly. Another great bonus is that Classical Academic Press has a great resource website Headventure Land that corresponds with the lessons. The videos, worksheets and games are top-notch and help make learning fun! Even if you are not formally studying Latin yet, the videos and games are great! They offer a weekly video on a Latin derivative.

Are you studying Latin this year?

Happy Homeschooling!


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