Luna Moth Caterpillar

On Sunday we found a large green caterpillar on a tree and using our powers of deduction (by typing "large green caterpillar" in Google) we figured out that it was a Luna Moth Caterpillar in the 5th Instar stage before forming a pupa.

We thought we would bring the caterpillar home temporarily to research and observe as a quick science project, but after one evening it formed the pupa in the jar and we were very surprised. Now we will have to wait until spring when it will emerge as a Luna Moth. Sadly, these unique and beautiful moths only live for around a week.

Luna Moth Caterpillar - 5th Instar stage

Temporary home for observation

Luna Moth Caterpillar - pupa stage
Pupa stage

Luna Moth Caterpillar - 5th Instar stage


Peggy said…
This is such a great visual in the transformation of our lives when Jesus Christ captures us.