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Recently, I had the privilege of reviewing a few resources from We Choose Virtues as part of the Mosaic Reviews team. I was thrilled for the opportunity to review this product as it has been on my curriculum wish list for well over a year.

We Choose Virtues was created by Heather McMillan through her passion and vision gained from teaching and ministry. She rightly observed a need for children to develop their character skills. Heather formed a core group of virtues with helpful catchphrases that are easy to understand and memorable to recall.

Each virtue in the We Choose Virtues program is depicted on a colorful virtue flash card that is printed on both sides. The front side of the card includes a delightful illustration and the back side includes the catchphrase with a brief explanation. The flash cards are durable high-quality cardstock which hold up to frequent use.

The Parenting Cards feature each virtue on a large flash card that is printed on both sides. The front side of the card includes the same delightful character featured on the virtues flash cards with the catchphrase, brief explanation, and a Bible verse. I selected to review the resources which included Bible verses as part of the program. A secular version is available which focuses on the same core virtues but does not include Bible verses. The back side of the Parenting Card includes Teaching Tips, Virtue User Challenges, Virtue Applications, and a fun story of each character.

I reviewed this program with our daughter (10), nephew (6), and niece (2). We began with the virtue of Obedience and the kids loved the cute character named Oboe Joe. The kids have a best friend name Joe and this helped them identify with the fictional character.

I introduced the virtue using the Virtue Flash Card and Parenting Card. I printed an Oboe Joe coloring sheet for each child from the Kids of VirtueVille coloring book. The kids worked on coloring while I read the story of Oboe Joe and related information from the cards. We had a fun time discussing character applications. Within moments, I immediately observed why this program is hailed as effective in character training by so many families.

The kids identified with Oboe Joe and it only took a few minutes to cement the virtue "I am Obedient" in their minds. We practiced the helpful catchphrase "Ok, whatever you say, I will obey, right away" a few times and it provided us with a good response and reminded of the opportunity to make good choices. The card's explanation, "I am NOT... argumentative, unwilling or slow and I don't refuse to do what I'm told!" served as a gentle reminder that a negative attitude was not a good choice.

Since we started this program, we have experienced positive results in character training and behavior. We have incorporated this program within our weekly studies in our homeschool and review our virtue of the week as part of our morning calendar and Bible time.

We Choose Virtues is proactive in introducing character virtues before misbehavior occurs. It provides opportunities for children to gain success in making good choices and behavior as they practice them on a daily and weekly basis.

We Choose Virtues provides a variety of options to choose from. This versatile program is used in secular schools, Christian schools, and in homeschool co-ops and families. You can order individual resources, or you can choose from a handy kit. I recommend the Homeschool Kit, which includes everything you need to incorporate character study for your entire school year.

Here are a few of the core tools available individually and within the Homeschool Kit:

Core Resources:
Virtue Flash Cards
Parenting Cards
Kids Virtue Poster
Three Rules Poster

Reproducible PDF Downloads:
Teacher's Handbook (45 page PDF guide to program)
Family Character Assessment
Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Book
Butterfly Awards

This is just a very brief overview of what is available. Be sure to visit We Choose Virtues to see the full contents of the Homeschool Kit.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of this program, and I do think it is well-worth the cost. To help with your purchase, I have a great discount to offer to my readers!

We Choose Virtues has generously offered a special discount promo code. To save 20% off on the Homeschool Kit (good through the end of April 2013 only), use code HOME20

To save 15% off any order, anytime during the year, use the code Virtue15. Simply enter your discount code on the last page of checkout, just before entering your payment information.

Have you used the We Choose Virtues program in your homeschool? I would love to hear ideas of how you enjoy this program with your children!

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