{The Week} Young Scientists, Indianapolis Children's Museum, Classical Conversations, Lapbooks and more!

In our life this week…

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It seems that spring is finally here to stay. What joy!

In our homeschool this week…

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We met for Week 23 and Week 24 of Classical Conversations and we have officially reached the end of our CC year. Our Foundations and Essentials classes meet for 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring. We will have our End-Of-Year dinner in May. The students are planning a Hamlet Reader's Theater during our program.

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We held our crayfish dissection on the last week of Classical Conversations. This was scheduled earlier in the year, but we modified our plans to conduct it outdoors in the fresh air. The students had a great time!

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Zolie enjoyed pushing the cart around outdoors while the other students worked on the dissection.

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We studied Reptiles and Amphibians in science/nature study with the Handbook of Nature Study blog. The kids began working on the Reptiles Lapbook with Study Guide from A Journey Through Learning. I just love how Zolie (2 years) tags along with everything the kids are learning. She wants to be a "big kid" too!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

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Malachi and his mom (my sister) recently won the contest at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis to name the New Caledonian Giant Gecko. Malachi named him Digger and was able to take a big field trip to meet him in person.

You can read all about the field trip at A Journey Through Learning and enter to win a giveaway for 1 of 5 Reptiles Lapbook with Study Guide

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We had so much fun at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis! It is the world's largest children's museum. The Gecko exhibit runs through May 15th. If you are within driving distance of Indianapolis, you can go meet Digger too!

My favorite thing this week was…

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We were so surprised and blessed to receive a package in the mail from a beautiful friend. The kids now have their very own scrubs and lab coats with their names embroidered on them. They are always exploring and investigating everything under the sun and now they are able to do so in full scientific gear. We were so overwhelmed and ecstatic to receive this gift!

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Briyah loves to study science. This school year we are focusing on zoology, biology, and earth science with Classical Conversations. Now that spring is here, we will start our hands-on lessons in botany and gardening too.

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Malachi shares with us every week that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He loves studying any science topic. One of his favorite subjects is zoology.

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We recently found several affordable junior microscope kits at the Goodwill for $2.99 and $3.99. They even included sample slides! We have three junior microscopes that magnify 100x, 300x, and 600x. This is a good start for our basic biology and zoology studies. We do not have a full-size microscope yet.

Do you love shopping at the Goodwill? We find the best deals at Goodwill and other thrift stores!

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Little scientist Zolie is ready to explore in her science gear. I had no idea that you could even get scrubs and lab coats for pint-sized peanuts. They are adorable! I am so thankful for this delightful gift.

Things I’m working on…

I am a contributing writer for a couple of homeschooling sites and would like to invite you to stop by and read my posts (along with all of the other great writers).

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Do you enjoy incorporating mobile apps into your homeschooling? Please join me at So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler? as I share about Classical Homeschooling with Mobile Apps.

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Additionally, I would like to invite you to read my monthly The Classical Home column at Homeschool Mosaics. This month I share about Young Naturalists in the Classical Home.

My previous posts are History in the Classical Home and The Classical Home.

Are you having a wonderful spring? I pray you and yours are blessed in the Lord!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Hi Sharra -- it's nice to read another CC homeschooler's blog. We are joining CC next year (with one in Foundations and one in Challenge A). I will be following your blog closely!

Thanks for linking with Collage Friday.
Amy Maze said…
Looks like your kids are doing so many great things! Brilliant idea to do the dissection outside =)