{Virtual Curriculum Fair 2014} Exploring Our World: Social Studies and Science in our Classical Homeschool

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For week three of the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2014, we are discussing Exploring Our World: Social Studies and Science. These content areas comprise the bulk of our homeschooling studies. I am excited to share some of our favorite resources with you!

History and Geography

Elementary/Middle School:
Classical Conversations Timeline: Creation to Modern America
Classical Acts and Facts History Cards

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Middle School:
We are studying the era AD 30 - 1799 for our studies in history and geography. Our core curriculum is Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries in the History Revealed series by Diana Waring. This curriculum is multi-disciplinary and we explore many subjects in an interconnected way. Some of these subjects include:

  • Bible
  • History
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Art  
  • Architecture
  • Science
This curriculum supports the eight intelligences, varied learning styles, and is geared towards researching topics of study and expressing learning through various student projects. Some of the projects we work on include:
  • investigating/reporting
  • mapping
  • creative writing
  • charting/compiling
  • poetry
  • graphic design
  • art
  • dramas
  • kits
  • cooking
  • musical performances
  • Lego building
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Diana Waring's History Revealed programs are unlike any curriculum we have ever used in our 15 years of homeschooling. This curriculum is not comprised of traditional textbooks that you read through and complete in a cookie-cutter manner. I know the above photo looks like a set of textbooks, but they are really a launch pad into a whole new world of learning. History Revealed encourages students to become active learners who can research and explore topics of interest. Diana provides a smorgasbord of ideas for projects and research topics in every unit.
    Additionally, we are creating a Binder-Builder (A Journey Through Learning) of our learning activities in Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries. Binder-Builders are a fusion of lapbooking and notebooking. You can read more about this Binder-Builder at H is for History Revealed by Diana Waring - Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries.

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    Additionally, we are reviewing the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation Self-Paced Online History Course with Veritas Press. Our daughter is enjoying this dynamic online program. My little niece loves to listen to lessons as they are quite colorful and informative.

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    We use several core reference resources to compile notebooks, timeline studies, narrative readings, and for general research:

    The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
    Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
    Streams of Civilization
    The Usborne Book of World History Dates
    DK Smithsonian Timelines of History


    We love to collect vintage and classic history books and use them for reference.

    I have used resources from Susan Wise Bauer for well over a decade. Our daughter loves her
    The Story of the World readers. The Well-Trained Mind is one of my all-time favorite books on education.


    Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures are gorgeous timeline resources that can be used for any era of history. It is definitely a family favorite! 

    Here are some additional history resources that we love and use every year with our overall studies:
    Heritage History

    Map Trek by Knowledge Quest

    We love building the bulk of our academic studies around historical time periods! This allows us to truly immerse ourselves into history. We receive a lot of inspiration from historical narratives. You can read about some of our favorite sources for narrative history at History in the Classical Home.


    Elementary/Middle School:
    Classical Conversations Foundations: Memory Work

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    Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay Wile
    Science in the Beginning Binder-Builder by A Journey Through Learning

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    Elementary Zoology

    My nephew loves to study anything related to animals. I love the new Parent Lesson Planner by Master Books.

    Middle School:
    Exploring Creation with General Science

    A few of the hands-on projects we do throughout the year:

    • Notebooks and lapbooks on science topics
    • Experiments 
    • Field trips

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    Additional Creation Science Resources: 

    1. Wonders of Creation series by New Leaf Publishing
    2. Signs and Seasons by Classical Astronomy
    3. The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and The Bumper Book of Nature
    4. The World of Animals

    Nature Study:

    Handbook of Nature Study (900+ page e-Book)
    Handbook of Nature Study blog
    The Outdoor Hour challenge

    Preschool Nature Study from Spell Outloud

    A few of the hands-on projects we do throughout the year:
    • Nature Field journal/notebook
    • Field trips to area nature preserves/habitats
    • Outdoor classroom
    • Gardening
    We love to spend good weather days outside exploring God's creation. You can get a peek at some of our nature explorations in Young Naturalists in the Classical Home.

    What are your favorite resources for social studies and science?

    Thank you for joining me for Week Three of the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2014! You can visit my Week Two post at Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and Science in our Classical Homeschool.

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    Stacie said…
    I like the elementary books you have pictures for science. I think I might have to check those out. I haven't heard of the books you are working on for history. I think that is a time period my son would enjoy.
    Lisa M. Nehring said…
    Wonderful post! So many great resoureces- we lost our Kingfisher in our house fire I miss it!
    Michele said…
    Love Kingfisher books as well! Great list of resources, thanks for sharing!
    Joelle A. said…
    Very nice selection!
    Lynn P said…
    we use bits and pieces of Diana Warings curriculum in the Heart of Dakota curriculum we've used the past two years. I love how she teaches..
    Susan said…
    We love to use a variety of resources, too---thank you for sharing your list!