Fine Arts in Our Classical / Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Friends, thank you for joining me here for the fourth and final week of the Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. If this is your first time visiting this series, I would like to invite you to read my previous posts below.

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This week, participating bloggers are discussing Arts and Beauty.

As with many of our other subjects of study, we intertwine our academic pursuits in a multidisciplinary way. Each subject has an interconnectedness and they overlap in myriad ways. The topic of Fine Arts is rooted within our chronological studies in history. We could take an approach where we disconnected subjects from one another and studied them in separate streams. However, we like to interweave and connect-the-dots with all of our studies in History, Geography, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and the Fine Arts. Charlotte Mason said it best, "Education is the Science of Relations." All of our learning pursuits are interrelated to one another.

Here are a few of the ways we incorporate Fine Arts in our homeschool.

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Exploring Techniques with Documented Life Project 2015

Art Study

We explore various techniques and mediums including sketching, watercolors, painting, paper-crafting, needle-crafting, and other mixed media. We use these art skills in creating our nature study, history, and other notebooks.

Here are a few of my favorite homeschool companies, resources, and blogs for art studies.

See the Light
-They have fabulous art instruction videos!

Harmony Fine Arts
-Great resource for art and artists study.

Deep Space Sparkle
-The tutorials on this site are inspiring and practical. We are going to try the Winter Bird Art soon!

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Art Study at Freedom Scholars Academy

Picture Study

We study artists and their works in correlation with our chronological studies in history. We explore a series of each artist's significant works. We experience similar styles and specific techniques used by artists through reproducing their work as an art project. Our research of artists is logged in our Book of Centuries Timeline.

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We study art and music with History Revealed by Diana Waring!
Each unit of World Empires, World Missions, World Wars curriculum in the History Revealed series by Diana Waring provides us with ideas for studies and projects. Phase Three of each unit is the Hands-On Week. We explore art and artists, music and composers, art projects, culinary arts, and other cultural interests within the historical context of our time period of study. We typically follow the rhythm of studies within History Revealed but sometimes we explore other artists that spark an interest. I keep a basket of art cards in our dining room. These art cards are reproductions of famous paintings throughout history. We can look at them for enjoyment, research particular artists, and use the cards for reproduction art projects.

Composer Study

We study composers and their works to correspond with our chronological studies in history. We research the lives of various composers, listen to their significant works, and expand our musical experiences. We attend performances at area universities and local symphonies. Our research of composers is logged in our Book of Centuries Timeline.

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Singing and Music Instruction

In past years, we participated in our community choir and received lessons in music instruction. At this time, our formal choir and music instruction is on hold until the coming fall months.
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A Christmas Carol - 2015

Theatrical Arts

We study theater and the dramatic arts and participate in local productions. Last fall, our daughter participated in two main productions, Porridge and A Christmas Carol.
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A Christmas Carol - 2015

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Porridge - 2015 Production
Our local homeschooling co-op has two levels of drama groups. This fall our daughter was part of the Junior Drama Troupe with Sara Horner and Lana Ranahan. These talented ladies, along with a dedicated support team of homeschooling cast members and families, put on the Porridge production in November. It is an incredible blessing to be a part of a local homeschooling community!

Additionally, as part of our theatrical arts studies, we attend area theatrical performances. We are blessed to live in a region with several universities and theater companies.

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Freedom Scholars Academy projects for architecture.


We study introductory architecture concepts with our chronological studies in history. We build models of historical buildings with Lego bricks, wooden blocks, and other building materials. We watch documentaries and read books on the architecture of historical structures.

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The crew loves the Lego store!
Do you ever use Lego bricks in homeschooling? We use them almost daily! We are saving up to get the Lego Architecture Studio to use with some of our studies.

Friends, how do you incorporate Fine Arts into your homeschooling schedule?

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I love all the different ways you incorporate fine arts into your homeschool! That's a wonderful list of resources and activities. Thanks for sharing. :-)
Fantastic arts curriculum! Well done!