Math and Logic in our Classical / Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Welcome to a new week of the Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. Last week I shared Language Arts in our Classical / Charlotte Mason Homeschool. This week participating bloggers are covering topics related to math, logic, and science.

The educational philosophies of our family are an intermingling of both Classical and Charlotte Mason. For the most part, my curriculum choices are heavily influenced by The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home.  I have used this guide for a decade of our sixteen years of homeschooling! At the same time, I have applied Charlotte Mason's foundational philosophies of education as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life, and a science of relations as formative truths for nurturing the educational climate in our home. I find that Charlotte Mason's educational philosophies are quite compatible with core Classical education structures.

Here are a few of this year's selections for Math, Science, and Logic:


The chief value of arithmetic, like that of the higher mathematics, lies in the training it affords the reasoning powers, and in the habits of insight, readiness, accuracy, intellectual truthfulness it engenders. -Charlotte Mason, Volume One

Saxon 1/2
-We are using Saxon in middle school and plan to continue through high school. We used Singapore Math, Math-U-See, and living math exercises through the elementary years.

Pre-Algebra - Khan Academy
-We love utilizing the free Khan Academy instructional videos.


Exploring Creation with General Science - 1st. Edition Resources - Donna Young
-Our daughter takes this General Science course at our local co-op. We are blessed to live in a community with our local Anderson University and have guest instructors visit for special lab demonstrations. Our family is using the 1st Edition of this popular resource by Apologia. We happen to own all of the 1st Editions of Apologia science. I may upgrade to newer editions as the budget allows. Next year we are planning on doing a Physical Science course with our local co-op.

Signs and Seasons - Classical Astronomy
-We use this as a reference. Astronomy is a subject we dabble in every year as we observe the night sky. I think every homeschooling family should invest in this resource!


The Art of Argumentation
-We are using this program as a 12 week study on Informal Fallacies. Classical Academic Press provides schedules to adapt this program for 9, 12, 18, or 22 weeks.

Introductory Logic
-We have a previous edition of this program. As soon as the budget allows, I want to upgrade our previous edition to this all-new edition that includes the DVD course. We will use this program as a 16 week course rather than a full year study. They offer lesson plans for both tracks. We plan to start this course in late spring after finishing The Art of Argumentation.

The Fallacy Detective
-Our daughter loves this book which covers 38 lessons in bad reasoning.

Friends, we are geekier than your average geeks. We love learning!

What are your favorite resources for math, science, and logic?

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