{Review} Big Book of Earth and Sky by Master Books

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Master Books publishes some of our absolute favorite creation science and homeschooling resources. The kids and I were delighted to receive a copy of the Big Book of Earth and Sky to review.

When a package arrives at our house, it is always a time of celebration. The kids jump and squeal when the delivery person knocks on the door. I love to see the look on the delivery person's face when they are greeted by three gleeful kids answering the door who are jumping around in a spontaneous happy dance.

The Big Book of Earth and Sky really wowed the kids (and me!) when I pulled the resource out of the package. Inside of the hardcover case was a 15-foot 21 panel fold-out of the earth and sky from the inner core to the atmosphere. The kids gasped with excitement and unfolded it across the family room floor. They burst out in giggles as the panels unfolded. I loved to hear their ooh's and ahh's of excitement over the trivia facts they discovered as they explored each level.

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It is 15-feet long! The bright colors and gorgeous graphics are so inviting.

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The kids loved exploring each panel and learning all about the earth and the sky.

This resource covers:
  • Earth Science
  • Speleology
  • Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Paleontology

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There is so much to explore on each colorful panel! This is such a unique and dynamic resource.

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You can mount this beautiful resource on your wall or you can conveniently fold it up and store it inside of the hardcover case.

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Even though it is 15-feet long, it is simple to use on a table. It unfolds panel-by-panel and you can explore specific sections.

This is one resource you will keep and use for years!

The topics covered on the panels include:
  • Earth's Core
  • Fossil Formation
  • Solving the Global Puzzle
  • Different Geometric Rock Shapes / Deep Ocean
  • Soil / Ocean Food Pyramid
  • Rocks / Map of the Earth's Major Ocean Currents
  • Caves / Ocean Zone
  • Erosion / Oceans
  • Fossils and Coal / Algae and Elements in the Ocean
  • Stuff in Caves / Water
  • Cave Creatures / Deep Underwater
  • Basic Caves / Tallest Buildings
  • Volcanoes / Clouds
  • God's Water Cycle / Clouds
  • Mountain Zones / Rainbows
  • Marine Fossils / Cold Air
  • Tallest Mountains / Birds and Fossils
  • Lightning / Planes
  • Meteors / Planes
  • Greenhouse Gases / Clouds
  • Earth's Atmosphere /Wondrous Design

You can even download a FREE Teacher's Guide (40 pages) to use with this resource! If you prefer physical copy, you can purchase this guide for $6.99.

What I enjoyed about the Big Book of Earth and Sky:
  • It is 15 feet long!
  • You can mount it on the wall or store it on a bookshelf
  • It is colorful and the graphics are visually engaging 
  • This resource is from a creation science perspective
  • You can pick up a free Teacher's Guide with activities
  • We can use this with any core science curriculum or as a stand-alone resource
  • This resource is perfect for multi-grade, multi-age learning

What you need to know before purchasing:

Product Details:
Title: Big Book of Earth and Sky
Publisher: Master Books, a Division of New Leaf Publishing Group
Author(s): Bodie Hodge; Dr. Carolyn Reeves
Format: Hardcover Case; 21 panel fold-out on sturdy cardstock
Retail Price: $19.99

Publisher Description:
Let your child take an exciting, visual journey from Earth's core to the edge of the outer atmosphere!
  • Explore the elements that make up the soil, the sea, and the sky.
  • Examine detailed charts and graphs about the earth's crust, caves, and clouds.
  • Scan facts and figures on weather, mountains, and more, based on the best-selling Wonders of Creation series!
Designed by the creative team that developed the innovative and award-winning Big Book of History, the Big Book of Earth and Sky unfolds as a 15-foot chart. It is removable so it can be viewed either panel-by-panel or hung on the wall as a full-length display.

This casebound volume provides ease of storage for the chart, which is excellent for families, schools, and churches. A teacher's guide helps bring out additional insights with questions, education activities, and additional readings, all of which enhance this excellent reference tool and help a parent or teacher utilize it within their science curriculum. This stunning chart will pique the interest of children and bring a study of God's world to brilliant life!


Connect with Master Books / New Leaf Publishing:

You can learn more about The Big Book of Earth and Sky at the Moms of Master Books Facebook party tonight at 8:00 p.m. Central Time. You can enter to win prizes from Master Books and sponsor Devo Olive Oil.


I received a complimentary copy of this product from New Leaf Publishing Group to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review. This author was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. All opinions shared about the product are the honest responses of Sharra Badgley. Your results and opinions may vary.