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Manners and etiquette are topics that we continually practice as a family. With children (including my nephew and niece) ages 10, 6, and 2 in our daily homeschool, we have plenty of opportunities arise where we discuss our interactions with others.

As such, I was absolutely thrilled to have the blessing of reviewing The Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program for the Mosaic Reviews team. This is our first time using a full curriculum covering etiquette topics.

The Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program includes:
  • Etiquette for Beginners Teacher Manual
  • Manual Etiquette for Beginners 2 DVD set
  • Etiquette Jukebox CD
  • Etiquette Intermediate book
  • Etiquette Masters book
  • 4 Etiquette Placemats (laminated)
The 3 Phase Learning Program covers etiquette instruction from preschool to high school and beyond. Included in this program are products for three age levels:

Etiquette for Beginners (Preschool through 4th Grade
This program set covers 12 weeks of etiquette lessons and can be used for homeschool, church, and school settings. The program includes a Teacher's Manual with easy to follow lesson plans, activities, stories, Etiquette skills covered include:
  • What is Etiquette
  • Saying Hello
  • Kindness
  • Sharing
  • Magic Words
  • Cleaning Up
  • Being a Guest
  • Sincere Apologies
  • Table Manners
  • Good Hygiene
  • The "No" Word
  • A Clean Mouth is a Cherished Gift

Etiquette Intermediate (4th Grade and above)
This workbook for student and teacher use includes 125 daily etiquette lessons. Each lesson includes instructional text and a suggested activity to practice etiquette. The structure is set up for students to read the lessons and participate in an activity with the parent/teacher. The helpful topics cover everything from communication, eating, cleanliness, thankfulness, to social interactions and special events. The lessons can be used chronologically or as the situation arises.

Table of Contents
Sample Lesson

Etiquette Masters (Teens)
This workbook is for teens ages 13 and beyond and functions as an etiquette reader for students. Etiquette Masters includes 10 Chapters covering:
  • How Etiquette Keeps Peace in the Home
  • Etiquette While Looking for a Job
  • Employee Etiquette
  • Becoming a Responsible College Roomate
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Social Networking Etiquette
  • and more!
What I enjoyed about The Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program:
  • It is packaged in a sturdy box for convenient storage.
  • The three levels are perfect for families with multiple children.
  • The program can be used in the homeschool, church, or traditional school setting.
  • The lesson plans in the Etiquette for Beginners Teacher's Manual are very easy to use.
  • The Etiquette for Beginners DVD is fun and engaging. The song videos are super cute!
  • The DVD is organized with the weekly content of story time and songs.
  • The Jukebox CD contains the catchy tunes that correspond with the DVD videos.
  • The placemats are durable and laminated for continued use.
  • The curriculum includes audio, visual, and kinesthetic activities for all learning styles.
  • The Etiquette Intermediate and Etiquette Masters are friendly and practical student readers.
Our family primarily made use of the Etiquette for Beginners and Etiquette Intermediate levels. The kids loved the catchy tunes on the DVD and CD with the beginner level . The songs range in genre from pop, hip-hop, country, and more tunes. The DVD videos include cute kids and which especially appealed to my nephew (6 yrs) and niece (2 yrs). The story time moments are adorable and introduce important concepts in etiquette.

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Our daughter (10 yrs) enjoyed the songs as well and joined in on the fun with the younger kids.

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The "Set Right" placemats are colorful and provide helpful instruction for setting a table setting properly. They include handy reminders on table etiquette too. They are laminated with sturdy plastic and are made for frequent use.

Our daughter thought the short lessons and activities in Etiquette Intermediate were interesting to read. The daily lessons are brief 15-20 minutes lessons with an activity. I think this will be very simple to implement within our daily homeschooling schedule through the year. The program covers practical topics which are fitting for middle school age students.

We enjoyed using The Etiquette Factory program so much that we are including it in our curriculum line-up for 2013-14. I plan to share it with our children's ministry team at church and we will also use it within our local homeschool co-op. It is a very versatile program for educational settings.

Product Details:

Title: Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program
Author: Monica Irvine
Publisher: The Etiquette Factory
Format: Softcover (coilbound) books, DVDs, audio CD, placemats
Retail Price: Various Packages and Products Available

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I received a complimentary copy of this product from The Etiquette Factory to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review for Mosaic Reviews. This author was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. All opinions shared about the product are the honest responses of Sharra Badgley. Your results and opinions may vary.