{Review} Ooka Island Adventure

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Do your students enjoy online educational games for learning?

Our daughter, nephew, and niece love the dynamic learning environments available in some of their favorite online educational games and mobile apps. Just recently, my nephew was excited to get an introduction to Ooka Island Adventure which I reviewed for Mosaic Reviews.

Ooka Island Adventure is an online reading system for Preschool to 2nd Grade (ages 3-7). This innovative program is an online reading program set up in a virtual world / game play environment.

Ooka Island is structured with a unique three-part Learning Flow Cycle:
  1. Guided Play - focuses on phonological / phonic development (20 minute activity).
  2. e-Reader - 85 e-Readers focus on word, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension concepts (7-10 minute activity).
  3. Free Play - offers students activities that support their literacy development (8 minute activity).

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 Nuts and Bolts of Ooka Island's Eye/Ear Reading Method:
  • focuses on the five pillars of reading instruction:
    • phonemic awareness
    • phonetics
    • vocabulary
    • fluency
    • comprehension
  • includes 80 hours of leveled and guiding reading activities
  • uses visual and auditory skills
  • features 562 scaffolded phonological skill activities in the program
  • offers 85 leveled and sequenced Ooka Island e-Books
The virtual world of Ooka Island Adventure offers comprehensive literacy activities that are designed for students to achieve results in as little as 8 hours. The program is backed by educational research and proven methods of literacy instruction.

What I enjoyed about the Ooka Island Learn-to-Read System:

  • set-up of the program only took minutes to complete
  • students pick out their own customized Hero avatar (see Malachi's mohawk in the photo above)
  • each daily lesson is approximately 30 minutes of instruction and activities
  • the interactive lessons are so fun that Malachi wants to do a few lessons per day
  • the innovative READirect is individualized and adapts to each student
  • the adaptability makes this program great for all students from gifted to struggling learners
  • the student is able to progress at their own natural pace
  • Workbook downloads of vocabulary and comprehension activities for the e-Readers 
  • Blended Learning activities include a mix of online and print options
  • colorful Motivational Tools are available for download
  • instant reporting tools for parents through the Lighthouse 
  • the Ooka Compass Reading Assessment is available for first grade and above
  • a free Ooka Tunes mobile app for iOS is available with sing-along songs from the program
What you need to know before purchasing:
  • the program requires a high-speed internet connection
  • the FAQs provide detailed answers to questions you may have
  • the daily lessons are short (30 minutes) but your child might ask to work on several lessons per day due to the interactive video-game nature
  • the program is a virtual-world style, but it is private play with only one student in the system
  • the system will not direct your child to outside websites or content
  • you can read more about Safety at this link
  • you can select a monthly or yearly subscription
  • the best discount is available through a yearly family subscription (37% off savings) and you can use the additional 30% off code to maximize the savings
  • visit the Video Tour to see the program in action
Malachi is an emergent reader (Kindergarten level) and we use a variety of blended learning resources (print, online, audio, mobile apps) for phonics instructions. At first I was hesitant to rely on an online computer-based system for phonics/reading instruction, but reviewing this resource completely changed my mind! We are able to see immediate results in literacy development. I greatly appreciate the comprehensive reports that are available within the Lighthouse.

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The program offers quite a few downloadable resources including the Ooka Island Book Path printables where you can track progress for each level.

One of the greatest selling points for our family is Malachi is excited to do his schoolwork in Ooka Island because it is fun. He typically wants to complete several lessons at a time. He is proud of his accomplishments and the program allows plenty of opportunities to celebrate success with each level gained.
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Zolie loves to join in on the fun with her big brother. She is two years old and loves to have school with the big kids too. We enjoyed reviewing Ooka Island Adventure and it is a welcome addition to our curriculum line-up for 2013-14.

Product Details:
Title:Ooka Island Adventure
Author(s): Ooka Island Team
Format: Instant Download for Mac or PC; Software on Disc or Flash Drive (shipped)
Retail Price: Home Edition Pricing

Publisher Description:
The Ooka Island Adventure is an adaptive learn-to-read technology for Pre-K to 2nd Grade. The combination of the innovative features below make it a powerful tool to accelerate the reading development of emergent readers as they move along the path to fluent reading.

Special Offer:
You can receive 30% off any annual or monthly subscription to the Ooka Island Learn-to-Read Adventure! Simply Click Here for the link to receive 30% off. This discount offer is only valid through June 1st.

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I received a complimentary copy of this product from Ooka Island to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review for Mosaic Reviews. This author was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. All opinions shared about the product are the honest responses of Sharra Badgley. Your results and opinions may vary.