{Day 6} Young Naturalists in the Classical Home

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In the classical home (and any homeschool in general), families have the freedom to spend a large quantity of time outdoors in nature, rather than being restricted to a traditional classroom setting. As such, the world out-of-doors is truly a vibrant classroom. The early years of learning are a wonderful time of joy and discovery. Every child is a young naturalist and the natural environment can serve as a valuable teacher.

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The natural curiosity of children to discover and explore their environment can be met with limitless activities outdoors. Instead of studying botany from only a textbook, your children can work on gardening and horticulture outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. Students can study zoology and animal classification by observing the many different creatures that God has created. In the evenings, your family can study the night sky as you instill a sense of wonder at the grandeur of God’s universe. Nature study and observation can lay the groundwork for all future scientific subjects of study from Astronomy to Zoology.

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This post is part of a series: 31 Days of Nature Study for Young Naturalists. You can find all of the daily posts linked on the introductory page. I hope you will continue to join us for this journey through October!

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